Well Hello October


Hey guys! I made a quick post about the weekend. I went to the design festival on Friday. At the beginning I planned to be there for the whole weekend, but plans changed. It was my first time there and I may say it was okey. Most of the products were already well-known, but I found a couple of new jewelry favorites. Actually I planned to intruduce my bow ties there, but at the last minute I changed my mind. So we presented only Loren Design, you can find her here.
Yesterday was the day where the hobby cars came together. At the beginning I was not very enthusiastic about going there, but Daniel likes such kind of events so I wanted to make him happy. I will make a post about that car cruise tomorrow.
 Hope you enjoy this Sunday!




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Fluffy green


Hey all! I discovered today something new about myself. Usually my workday starts at 11am, but today I had to go to work at six o´clock. How strange it was to wake up so early. To my suprise it wasn´t that hard as I thought. I should try to wake up earlier every day. I feel so much more energized.
Here are yesterdays pictures.  I´am so lucky that I have a person on my side who likes to deal with photography. The weather was so cold and the light wasn´t good at all, but I think the pictures came okey. I bought this sweatshirt a few weeks ago and this is one of the most comfortable things in my closet now. It is so warm, almost like a jacket. By the way it´s from Bershka.
Hope you guys like the pictures, until tomorrow!

Sunny Sunday


We had such a beautiful weather for the past few days, so I thought it`s time to take the leather jacket out of the closet again. I don`t wear red very often, but I think it looks quite cool  on pictures.
September is almost over, time flies so fast. Me and my workmate Jaana have the last day at work on Friday. We decided to bake something for that day, but I am already stressed out, knowing my cooking skills. Cooking isn´t my cup of tea. The only cake I can handle is biscuit cake, so it´s the only option that I have right now. Actually I am pretty sad about leaving Mamo, but I think it´s important to know when the time is right to leave.
Now I´am gonna edit todays photos and I hope I will share these with you guys soon.

A fall look








Hi world! It´s been long time since I last wrote. I took some time to think over if I really wanted to blog. That´s why my blog was closed for some time. I was considering the pros and cons and I realized that blogging is something which makes me happy. This is the perfect place where to write your toughts and add the pictures. So now I´m back on track.
Last month I had a bowties exhibition in Mamo, which went unexpectedly well. It wasn´t my purpose to go there and make any money. I wanted to do something with my own hands, let myself free and just wanted to be creative. After graduation (tailor/stylist specialty) I didin´t want to deal with any sewing at all, but now I feel that this is exactly what I´am interested in.  To my surprise almost half of the bowties were sold out. You can´t imagine what feeling this was when someone stood in the queue again with your tie. I´am so happy  that I used the opportunity, although I was doubtful at first. Hopefully I will make a post of them soon. Now when exhibtion is over I have so many new ideas. But it´s hard to stick to one thing, especially when all my ideas are so different from each other. Anyway let´s see what the future bring´s me.

New people, new ideas


Hellohello! Long time no see! I think I should start my every post like this. The last few weeks have been crazy. A lot of sewing,designing,work and shoots. Last month Mamo gave me an opportunity to do my own exhibition, I agreed imediately ofc. It didin’t take me long to decide, bow ties came to my mind instantly. Lately I’ve been obsessed with these. I think the bow tie is very necessary accessory which makes outfit suddenly so special. Looking around the city, I saw that men don’t wear it too often. I don´t now what  causes it, but I think men should be more confident and bolder. Like my workmate Jüri (he´s about 50) says, that enough of this man, who was wearing bow ties almost 8 years. He means our ex-president Ilves, haha. Anyway you can find my bow ties at Ülemiste City or Liivalaia Mamo.
Besides bow ties, we have plans to do new collection with Lorena. I´m so happy that I met a person who has same interests as me. She´s very talanted and has so many ideas that I´m honored  to cooperate with her.
See you soon guys!  Hope you have a great weekend!