Our first apartment in Malaga










Renting an apartment wasn’t as easy as we thought. The prices  were very high and every broker, who we called, spoke only Spanish. So we stopped for two weeks at Reno’s place. He is an estonian who has lived in Spain with her wife already 10 years. We spoke to him in Estonia a couple of times so we knew that if we fail, he can hopefully help us. He is engaged in local real estate and he rented temporarily an apartment for us, a bit expensive but cheaper than a hotel. We had two weeks to find a new place in Malaga, so we knew that soon we will be in a hurry. The first week we rested and enjoyed Benalmadena. There were very interesting buildings and overall the whole city was very beautiful. When we had only a few days left to move out, we started to take it seriously – typical of us, to leave everything to the last minute. After a few phone calls we found a broker who spoke English. She found a suitable apartment for us, small but humble and the owner is such an awesome guy. We signed a contract for six months and after that we will probably move to Marbella, we’ll see.



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