Typical Spanish bullfight

A couple of days ago we went to a bullfight, what was pretty awesome. Actually we didn’t plan it, but we were walking around and somehow we were right next to it. So we decided to check out how this looks like, besides it was free on that day. There was a large arena and a lots of people. We sat on the stairs because all the seats were taken. The show was halfway through, but we saw enough. On some occasions things went so bad that the other workers with pink sheets went to help the bullfighter. The end of the show was shocking. The bullfighter sticked his sword in the bull and after they cut the bulls throat and dragged him away. The crowd applauded, so I guess it was the ordinary end of the show. Daniel felt sick after he saw the killing of the bull (he has kind of tender soul, haha) so we left. After all we really liked it and I hope we come next time again, but probably have to leave before the end, haha.
Somehow I managed to delete the photos from the camera. I took some pictures from internet, so you would get the clue what I’m talking about.



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