Sangria night


Just a quick update from yesterdays night- last sunday Marju and Artjom invited us to sangria night, but we were too busy so we visited them yesterday. We hadn’t visited their place before so we got into a little adventure on the road. When we finally arrived to our suprise, we weren’t the only ones. The evening was great, we played some board games and drank delicious sangrias. Marju told me that she always looses in board games, but not anymore- we have a new looser, ME! I lost basically in every game, but the final game I finaly won so the night ended well. After that we went to eat at a place near to our home. The staff there is so nice and they already know what we want beacuse we go there very often and always order the same thing. Well, I will now go to the beach beacause the weather is so nice today and leave you with the photos.









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