Nasty Gal

Hey guys! Few days ago I orded some stuff from Nasty Gal. It’s been a while since I orded something on the web (actually about 5 years). I’ve been looking  around many times, but never got to a point where I would actually buy anything. I have this thing, when I find something I want it right away, I dont like to wait for a couple weeks or months.  When I saw that they had 40%  discount  I knew the time has come. So I chose this blouse with white stripes and black shoes with rivers (I’ll show them later) I’m very happy with these, the quality is good and the package arrived sooner than it should.

Right now I’m sitting in police station and waiting my time to get my new id-card ( I’ve been waiting for about two hours by now, so you can imagane how fun that is). After that I’m gonna take some Tallinn Dolls clothes again, but looking the weather right now I have no idea when I can take the photos with these, but stay tuned.

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