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Hi world! It´s been long time since I last wrote. I took some time to think over if I really wanted to blog. That´s why my blog was closed for some time. I was considering the pros and cons and I realized that blogging is something which makes me happy. This is the perfect place where to write your toughts and add the pictures. So now I´m back on track.
Last month I had a bowties exhibition in Mamo, which went unexpectedly well. It wasn´t my purpose to go there and make any money. I wanted to do something with my own hands, let myself free and just wanted to be creative. After graduation (tailor/stylist specialty) I didin´t want to deal with any sewing at all, but now I feel that this is exactly what I´am interested in.  To my surprise almost half of the bowties were sold out. You can´t imagine what feeling this was when someone stood in the queue again with your tie. I´am so happy  that I used the opportunity, although I was doubtful at first. Hopefully I will make a post of them soon. Now when exhibtion is over I have so many new ideas. But it´s hard to stick to one thing, especially when all my ideas are so different from each other. Anyway let´s see what the future bring´s me.

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