Sweatshirts by Tallinn Dolls

Hello hello loves! Quick update about Tallinn Dolls sweatshirts. I just finished editing photos and I might say I’m pretty happy with these. It’s almost the first time that I am pleased with my photos because Im always very critical of my pictures. Hope you like these!
So to get this super cool sweater or more cool stuff by Tallinn Dolls  click HERE and pre-order it.

Nasty Gal

Hey guys! Few days ago I orded some stuff from Nasty Gal. It’s been a while since I orded something on the web (actually about 5 years). I’ve been looking  around many times, but never got to a point where I would actually buy anything. I have this thing, when I find something I want it right away, I dont like to wait for a couple weeks or months.  When I saw that they had 40%  discount  I knew the time has come. So I chose this blouse with white stripes and black shoes with rivers (I’ll show them later) I’m very happy with these, the quality is good and the package arrived sooner than it should.

Right now I’m sitting in police station and waiting my time to get my new id-card ( I’ve been waiting for about two hours by now, so you can imagane how fun that is). After that I’m gonna take some Tallinn Dolls clothes again, but looking the weather right now I have no idea when I can take the photos with these, but stay tuned.

Red stripes




Hey everyone! Today we shot  photos of the Tallinn Dolls outfit and it went pretty fast. I had planned to take the pictures in old town, but finally we ended up here in Kadriorg as always. After shooting we sat down at Kochi Aidad. This has been one of my favorite places for a long time, the appearance there is so nice and the food is delicious, I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Tommorow I’ll go to the fabric store to choose the fabric for the bow ties.  We got the opportunity with Lorena (my workmate) to do an exhibition in Mamo. Actually I’m pretty nervous because it is my first one. Nothing big, but important to me. I will tell you more about it when the time arrives.
Now  I’m going for a shower and then I’ll continue going through todays photos & editing.

A Cozy Weekend

Good Morning! Here’s yesterdays comfy look. Got this dress from Reserved with a good sale, but it was too long for me, so I sewed it little shorter. Now that I ‘m watching the photos I think it came too short, but theres nothing to do anymore. These shoes are from Zara and I got them with only 19€. I like these so much, but when I came home, Daniel laughed me out. He thinks these are nurses shoes and probably will laugh everytime when I wear these.
Yesterday I was given some Tallinn Dolls  clothes again and hopefully I will post pictures of them on my blog soon. Overall our Saturday was well spent, we had such a nice time in Märjamaa. It was kinda family reunion with good weather and sauna.

Have a great day everyone!

Tallinn Dolls



Hey everyone!  A couple of weeks ago I got a message from Mari-Liis (her blog www.suvimariliis.ee), she offered me a chance to take pictures with some Tallinn Dolls clothes, I immediately agreed. I love to be in front of the camera, but also behind it, it’s like a hobby I guess. I have to admit that is not really my style, but it’s  always good to try something new. This playful frilled dress in mint color, kinda fell in love with it.
If you like this beautiful summer dress or fell in love this super cool sweater, then make your order HERE




Good oldie Carl






I had such a lovely Saturday! We woke up quite early today, ate our breakfast and got ready for the zoo. For the last two months I have not been eating very well, so many pizzas and burgers and very few eating times for a day. So now it´s the time, my stomach hurts almost every night  and my head is dizzy also. So I decided to keep track of my eating and must eat several meals a day. After breakfast we went to zoo, I haven´t been there almost 15 years so it was really nice.  Now we take a little grocery shopping trip and then spend the evening with  wine and a good movie.


Here´s yesterdays look



And the summer finally came to Estonia!  Yesterday we had such a nice day . We decided to take a little trip to Haapsalu, so unplanned desicion, but it was worth it. Haapsalu was so beautiful and calm, all the people were so friendly and on a great mood. The houses were so cool and view to the sea was incredible. We took a quite long walk around Haapsalu, so in the end my legs were dead. When we arrived to Tallinn, we took some food at Vesivärava Grill, they have amazing burgers (especially my favorite blue cheese burger), so I recommend that place to all of you.
Now I´ m gonna edit some photos and after that planning to go out for a walk soon, have to clear my mind. Why Monday´s are always so hard for me?