Slipping into spring


Jacket from Bull&Bear/ hat and boots from H&M/ bag from River Island

Good morning everyone! It’s 6 o’clock  and I just finished my porridge. Now I take a quick shower and then I have to get ready, because my bus leaving at 7 o’clock.
So here are some pictures of yesterday. The weather was so good and we walked with Daniel almost whole day.  Love the feeling of spring.



New dog in the house

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Hey all! Long time no see! I just checked that my last post was on 5th of September in Spain. That was such a long time ago, time flies. When we arrived back home to Estonia I had no motivation to continue with the blog, but now I feel it is the time again.
So last weekend we spent our free days in Märjamaa. Daniel´s family decided to take themselves a new dog- a little bernese. He is so cute, total fluffball. He has 5 names, but main is Concerto. Although weather was so bad, we went for the first walk with him. It was craaazy, he didn´t listen to us at all and most of the time he ate his own poo-poo (weird I know).He´ll be going to dogs school  in couple of months, probably then it will be easier. After a long walk we came home  exhausted and wet, Concerto was the only one who was full of energy. Later on we sat down and celebrated Daniel´s father birthday. No pictures of that, because camera battery died and I left my charger to Tallinn. Despite this it was great and you may say weekend well spent.










Sangria night


Just a quick update from yesterdays night- last sunday Marju and Artjom invited us to sangria night, but we were too busy so we visited them yesterday. We hadn’t visited their place before so we got into a little adventure on the road. When we finally arrived to our suprise, we weren’t the only ones. The evening was great, we played some board games and drank delicious sangrias. Marju told me that she always looses in board games, but not anymore- we have a new looser, ME! I lost basically in every game, but the final game I finaly won so the night ended well. After that we went to eat at a place near to our home. The staff there is so nice and they already know what we want beacuse we go there very often and always order the same thing. Well, I will now go to the beach beacause the weather is so nice today and leave you with the photos.









Casual saturday




Hi guys! Couple of days ago our friend came here and brought us our stuff from Estonia. How happy I was, finally we can make porridge and smoothies. So yes, he brought us our blender, some packages of porridge and some other stuff. We have eaten porridge every morning and a couple of smoothies daily is usual thing now.
Yesterday we just hanged out and had some coffee and the best donuts I’ve ever had. It was good to sit down somewhere were it was a shady because the heat was terrible and I was wearing jeans which weren’t the best decision.
I gotta go now, we’re gonna meet estonians again and have a sangria night. Talk about it tommorow. Ciao!












Plane trip


When we decided to move in Spain, I already knew that the biggest problem to me will be plane trip. It was my first flight so I was afraid that we would fall down. Besides that there were many other problems like my suitcase will be lost or  I will get an airplane ear. Our flight lasted about 3 hours, so it wasn’t very long, but every little bump of turbolence made me thought I’m gonna die now. When we started to land, my one ear started hurting as hell, but I had heard that this is normal so I repeated in my head calm down and don’t panic, it’s normal, haha. Anyway the flight was okey and now I understand that it wasn’t worth all this panic, until the next time.



Typical Spanish bullfight

A couple of days ago we went to a bullfight, what was pretty awesome. Actually we didn’t plan it, but we were walking around and somehow we were right next to it. So we decided to check out how this looks like, besides it was free on that day. There was a large arena and a lots of people. We sat on the stairs because all the seats were taken. The show was halfway through, but we saw enough. On some occasions things went so bad that the other workers with pink sheets went to help the bullfighter. The end of the show was shocking. The bullfighter sticked his sword in the bull and after they cut the bulls throat and dragged him away. The crowd applauded, so I guess it was the ordinary end of the show. Daniel felt sick after he saw the killing of the bull (he has kind of tender soul, haha) so we left. After all we really liked it and I hope we come next time again, but probably have to leave before the end, haha.
Somehow I managed to delete the photos from the camera. I took some pictures from internet, so you would get the clue what I’m talking about.



Our first apartment in Malaga










Renting an apartment wasn’t as easy as we thought. The prices  were very high and every broker, who we called, spoke only Spanish. So we stopped for two weeks at Reno’s place. He is an estonian who has lived in Spain with her wife already 10 years. We spoke to him in Estonia a couple of times so we knew that if we fail, he can hopefully help us. He is engaged in local real estate and he rented temporarily an apartment for us, a bit expensive but cheaper than a hotel. We had two weeks to find a new place in Malaga, so we knew that soon we will be in a hurry. The first week we rested and enjoyed Benalmadena. There were very interesting buildings and overall the whole city was very beautiful. When we had only a few days left to move out, we started to take it seriously – typical of us, to leave everything to the last minute. After a few phone calls we found a broker who spoke English. She found a suitable apartment for us, small but humble and the owner is such an awesome guy. We signed a contract for six months and after that we will probably move to Marbella, we’ll see.



All about comfort

Found these (so comfy) summer pants in Zara and they are my must-wear lately. It’s unusual for me to wear pink, but when I do I try to go with the lighter colors. So here are some outfit photos from yesterday.










Monte De Gibralfaro

Yesterday we decided to climb on the top of Monte De Gibralfaro. It was a very hot day, almost 40 degrees. On the half way up I already had doubts whether this was the right decision because of the heat. Anyway we did it and damn the view was incredible. We could see the whole Malaga city from there. After resting for awhile, we went to the beach to cool ourselves down and then back to home because the day was too hard for us haha.
a few pictures of our sporty day